-X-SPAND® target patterns are designed for precise zeroing of all types of sighting systems for all lighting condition as well. Each target pattern is easily locked on to with telescopic sights with crosshair post or circular illuminated or laser sighting systems can be calibrated, and zeroed.

Open sights are as easily locked onto the patterns for exact calibrations zeroing for wind-age and elevation as well. The two color combination of Black or Fluorescent Red, are an advantage for visibility in Bright or cloudy conditions as well as low light, with easy lock on patterns, calibrating ballistics to extreme ranges of Accuracy.

Determine the precise Cold Zero and Zero accuracy for your rifle bullets exact “minute of angle”, per average variable range. Canting or Decanting of rifle scopes cross hairs, post or dots to the rifle sight line.

-X-Spand® targets are precisely centered over a One Inch grid, which calibrate precise minute of angle calibrations from its exact center, zero pint of aim.