-X-Spand® Targets come in three sizes with three distinct patterns in two solid colors; Extra Fine, Very Fine, Fine, and each target pattern is centered on the paper dimensions. A one inch grid extending from the center of each target pattern to its outer edges which allows for expanding size and pattern variables, creating a single or multiple Zero Points Of Aim.

Each target pattern comes in one of two solid colors; Fluorescent Red or Black.

Three target sizes are available 12 x 12 inch, 12 x 18 inch an 18 x 18” size. This allows you to expand the target patterns or formation in exact 12, 15 or 18 inch centers depending on the targets size used and various combinations. Help determine exact bullet impacts for wind-age and elevation to extreme ranges of accuracy, with maximum visibility.




12 x 12” Target Patterns left to right:

Extra Fine – 1″ Square Center

Very Fine – 2″ Square Center

Fine – 4″ Square Center




12 x 18” Target Patterns left to right: 

Extra Fine – 1″ Square Center

Very Fine – 2″ Square Center

Fine – 4″ Square Center

The 12 X 12 and 12 X 18” Inch target patterns have the identical three patterns Extra Fine, Very Fine, Fine patterns:

Extra Fine Pattern – 1 Inch Sq. Center ½” Inch Cross Bar.

Very Fine Pattern – 2 Inch Sq. Center 1 Inch Cross Bar.

Fine Pattern – 4 Inch Sq. Center 1.5” Inch Cross Bar.

Depending on which target sizes are used they will expand in exact 12”, 15” or 18” centers.



The 18 X 18” targets have three target Pattern variations; Very Fine, Fine and Coarse target patterns;

Very Fine Pattern; – 2 Inch sq. center 1 Inch cross bar.

Fine Pattern; – 4 Inch sq. center 2 Inch cross bar.

Coarse Pattern; – 6 Inch sq. Center 3 Inch crossbar.

The 18 X 18” targets are available by special order only!