-X-Spand® target systems offer the most advanced effective shotgun patterning and training system available on the market today.

With all the variables in shotguns gauges loads variable chokes and range potential. It is important to know the precise ballistics and exact load data, your shotgun and load combination will produce and it’s most effective range.

-X-Spand® targets offer precision ballistics calibrations and exact load data, for all shotgun patterning purposes, from sportsmen to skeet trap and sporting clays amateurs and professionals.




Expand a combination of five targets in a cross pattern or a full nine target cross pattern square set to determine the Vertical height and the Horizontal width of the pattern diameter.

Calibrate the average number of pellets per 2, 4 or 6 Sq. Inch areas within the patterns diameter, or an average number of pellets per sq. Inch, within the patterns diameter.

This will give you precise calibrations and exact load data for each shotgun load and choke combination and effective range. This also gives you a visual on the shape your shot pattern takes such as oval or round.



This cross combination of -X-Spand® targets will gauge and correct the proper fit for, “Length of Pull” and “Drop of Comb” for all shotgun users.  The shotguns pattern within the blasts radius will be closely centered outward from the pattern formation zero point of aim, when the proper fit is achieved with each individual shooter.