-X-Spand® targets are an elite paper target design and one of the most versatile and diversified firearms training, testing or competition system available.

Using a single target or expanding a combination of multiple target formations, -X-Spand® targets will determine precision ballistics, to extreme ranges of effective accuracy. Check out the infinite and unique application the -X-Spand® Target Systems has to offer.


Calculate Precision Ballistics to Extreme Range Calibrations

Zeroing Day/Night Optical or Open Sights Laser Sighting Systems Illuminated Crosshairs

Utilize in Bright or Low Light Conditions

Multiple target formations for testing and calibrating the variables in ballistics accuracy

Multiple target acquisitions for speed accuracy and precision

Multi target combinations for intense rapid fire competitions

Shotgun Patterning for precision ballistics and exact load data

Each target a precise and expandable zero point of aim

-X-Spand® Target System, Exclusive” Scoring System/Ballistics Calibrator “

-X-Spand® targets are the ultimate in firearms training testing or competition system.